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Roman Godfrey

"You must make your heart steel."

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Name:Roman Godfrey
Location:Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Roman is the son of Olivia and the late JR Godfrey. Only thing is... He's not human. He is what is known as an Upyr. Something that is quite similar to a vampire and yet not one. It really depends on which myth you go by. Either way he is rather wealthy and isn't afraid to flaunt it.

His one weakness is his freakish sister, Shelley. Though to him she is the most beautiful thing in the world. They have an amazing friendship. Then there's Peter. His only true friend. The wolf. His companion in all things evil crazy. The yin to his yang. They balance each other out in more ways than they think.

[This is an rp journal for Roman Godfrey from the tv series Hemlock Grove. It is for play only and no profit is being made. More about the precious Roman can be found here. Any triggers WILL be labeled. Muse and mun 18+]
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